Parking Lot Sweeping Company in North Idaho and Eastern Washington

Using well-maintained equipment, we sweep through parking lots, private drives, roadways and more to leave behind fresh, clean surfaces that are free of debris. We partner with businesses to ensure their surfaces are clean—including asphalt milling companies who need cleanup behind them.

Our NiteHawk Raptor sweeper is ideal for routine parking lot sweeping, while our Athey Mobil M-8A High Dump Mechanical Street Sweepers are perfect for asphalt milling operations, heavy sand and debris. Whatever the conditions, we’ll sweep your exterior surfaces to perfection.

  • Milling/Asphalt sweeping
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Street sweeping

Snow Plowing

Idaho gets all four seasons, which means every few months your property faces new challenges. Northwest Sweeping is standing by to help you meet those challenges, to maintain a property that looks exceptional all year round. In the spring and summer, we’ll sweep away debris to bring a tidy neatness to your parking lots and paved surfaces. When winter comes to Northern Idaho or Eastern Washington, call us for snow removal and de-icing. We promise to leave your property looking pristine.

Winter Property Services

When the snow starts to fall in Northern Idaho or Eastern Washington, call us! Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet, we’ll come through with heavy-duty plow trucks and push the powder to the side. We’re a complete snow removal service, meaning we’ll not only take care of snow, but also de-ice and lay down sand as well. We’re here to protect you and guests of your business from the dangers of winter conditions.

  • De-icing
  • Sanding
  • Snow plowing

Day Porter Services

Have other property service needs? We’re pleased to offer day porter services that leave your parting lot, private drives, roadways and other exterior surfaces clean and tidy. We can complete debris removal tasks, as well as striping, so your exterior reflects a business that cares.

Put your Property in Good Hands

Northwest Sweeping proudly serves commercial property owners and managers, as well as HOAs, school districts, road construction companies and more throughout Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. If you need property sweeping or plowing, call us today at 208-691-7788 to schedule service.